European Territorial Cooperation: informing cooperation across borders

European territorial cooperation

European Territorial Cooperation: informing cooperation across borders

EPRC has a broad research interest in territorial development. A core strand of our research focuses on the EU’s INTERREG cross-border, transnational and interregional programmes, with studies undertaken for the European Commission, national governments, INTERACT, ESPON, OECD and programme authorities.

A wide range of research projects have been completed covering:

·         cross-country comparative research;

·         programme evaluation;

·         specific aspects of territorial cooperation, such as governance,

·         cooperation in specific thematic/geographic areas, and

·         forward-looking policy analysis.


EPRC’s research also covers the increasingly wide range of territorially based policies, programmes and instruments, including, macro-regional strategies, marine regional cooperation, territorially based instruments, and the Arctic. The Arctic dimension has gained increasing research focus following EPRC’s hosting of a major international conference “Arctic Connections”, which focussed on regional cooperation networks in and around the Arctic. Since the conference, EPRC has been involved in various work related to the Arctic dimension, most notably in the evaluation work carried out for the Northern Periphery and the Arctic Programme. EPRC is also involved in the Scottish Government’s Arctic Steering Group developing the Arctic Policy Framework for Scotland.

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